Rohit Sharma and His 45 Jersey Number in Cricket

Rohit Sharma is the most famous cricketer who wears the 45 jersey number in cricket. The previous captain of the Indian national cricket team has worn this number since his debut in 2007. Other players might have worn the number 45 for different teams or in the past. However, Rohit Sharma is the most well-known player with the 45 jersey number in cricket today.

Rohit Sharma is famous for being a tough opponent for bowlers. But there’s another interesting reason for his popularity: his jersey number. While everyone knows about his great batting, it’s his 45 jersey number in cricket that makes him stand out. Rohit and the number 45 are closely linked. His jersey is one of the best-selling in India, only behind those of Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar. Fans all over the country still wonder why he chose the number 45 for his shirt.

45 jersey number in cricket

Reason Behind the 45 Jersey Number in Cricket

Rohit Sharma once narrated in a Dream 11 ad that he had worn the number 45 since he was a young boy with dreams of making it to the national side. However, this isn’t entirely true. In fact, 45 was never his favorite number; it was actually 9.

When Rohit was selected for the U19 World Cup in 2006, he was eager to claim the number 9 jersey. Unfortunately, it had already been taken by another player. Feeling dejected, he went to his mother and shared the incident with her. Rohit Sharma sought her advice on a new two-digit number. His mother suggested 45, as the digits add up to 9.

This is how Rohit Sharma came to wear the number 45. The 45 jersey number in cricket has since brought him respect, fame, and admiration worldwide. Here’s hoping it continues to bring him good fortune in the future.

Rohit Sharma Player Profile

Rohit Sharma, known for his graceful batting, emerged from Mumbai as the next big thing in Indian cricket. Despite a slow start, he became a giant in white-ball cricket by the 2010s. Additionally, he led one of the most successful teams in the T20 league.

Rohit’s talent was evident to everyone. However, fans were frustrated by the wait for his potential to turn into big scores. Selectors and captains, however, continued to support him. The turning point came in late 2012 when he started opening the batting in ODIs, and everything fell into place.

Rohit went on to score multiple double hundreds in ODIs, won six IPL titles in the first 15 editions, and scored five centuries in the 2019 ODI World Cup. When he finally opened in Tests in 2019, he hit three hundreds in his first series, including a double century.

Ironically, his IPL team nicknamed him “Hitman” even though he was more known for his elegant shots than for hitting. Nevertheless, he became famous for his massive sixes. Moreover, his acceleration in scoring made fans expect big scores whenever he passed 50.

As captain of the Mumbai Indians, he led them to five titles. His calm, methodical approach and adept use of technology and data earned him praise. He served as a dependable vice-captain to Virat Kohli in limited-overs formats. Rohit won two titles in Kohli’s absence and took over as captain in all formats in 2022.

IPL Facts About Rohit Sharma

  • Rohit Sharma has won six IPL titles: one with the Deccan Chargers and five as captain of the Mumbai Indians (MI). His achievements tie him as the most successful captain in the history of the Indian Premier League.

  • He joined Mumbai in 2011 and took over as captain in 2013. Leading MI to their first IPL title in his debut season as captain, Rohit remained at the helm for 11 years until Hardik Pandya took over for the 2024 season.

  • Rohit holds the record as MI’s top scorer. Additionally, he is among only four players with over 6000 runs in the IPL. His lone century in the IPL, an unbeaten 109 against the Kolkata Knight Riders, came in 2012.

  • Rohit’s standout IPL season with the bat was in 2013, amassing 538 runs during MI’s victorious campaign. In 2015, he was named Player of the Final as Mumbai defeated the Chennai Super Kings for their second IPL title. Under his leadership, MI claimed IPL victories in 2017, 2019, and 2020 as well.

The Future of the 45 Jersey Number in Cricket

Rohit Sharma is currently at the peak of his career. However, questions naturally arise about the future of the 45 jersey number in cricket. Will it be retired as a mark of respect for his legacy? Or will another Indian cricketer take up the number?

There’s no clear answer yet. The BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) doesn’t have a formal policy for retiring jersey numbers. However, given Rohit Sharma’s immense popularity and his association with 45, it wouldn’t be surprising if the number remains unused for a period after his retirement.

Ultimately, the future of number 45 will depend on the next generation of Indian cricketers. Will one of them feel a similar connection to the number? Will Rohit Sharma’s legacy inspire them? Or will it continue to be a symbol closely tied to the Hitman himself?

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