Best Indian Cricket Team Hashtags For Instagram and Tiktok

As a fan and a cricket enthusiast, your opportunity to show your passion for the sport doesn’t stop on the field. In today’s digital age, showing your support to the Indian cricket team is not limited to wearing their jerseys and cheering from the stands. You can amplify your support on various social media platforms by sharing heartfelt messages and using top and trending Indian cricket team hashtags.

Social media has become a virtual space where fans can show their strong support for the Indian cricket team. Here, fans can connect, share their thoughts, celebrate victories, and discuss defeats with others from around the world. In this digital landscape, hashtags reign supreme.

Hashtags are the pound signs followed by keywords. They help increase your social media presence and connect with other Indian cricket team fans. They work like digital markers, making it easy for fans to find content on specific topics. By using the right Indian cricket team hashtags, you can show your support for the Indian cricket team and join a lively online community.

indian cricket team hashtags

Top 10 Indian Cricket Hashtags on Social Media

Hashtag Popularity
#indiancricket 21%
#cricket 13%
#ipl 12%
#viratkohli 11%
#rohitsharma 8%
#indiancricketteam 8%
#msdhoni 7%
#india 6%
#teamindia 5%
#icc 5%

Related Indian Cricket Team Hashtags

Hashtag Posts
1 #indiancricketteam 1,738,352
2 #indiancricketer 156,840
3 #indiancricketers 55,863
4 #indiancricketeam 23,059
5 #indiancricketfans 15,799
6 #indiancricketheroes 3,784
7 #indiancricketmeme 3,739
8 #indiancricketfan 719
9 #indiancricketteampractice 537
10 #indiancrickettem 346
11 #indiancricketwomensteam 322
12 #indiancricketclub 108
13 #indiancricketrecords 22

Pro Indian Cricket Hashtags Data

Hashtag Instagram Posts
1 #india 133,963,034
2 #bhfyp 124,074,762
3 #dream 48,070,441
4 #sports 44,815,553
5 #indian 26,791,687
6 #worldcup 10,506,989
7 #cricket 10,028,808
8 #viratkohli 7,516,533
9 #ipl 6,175,351
10 #msdhoni 3,922,205

The Hashtag Hierarchy

Not all hashtags are created equal. Some generate millions of impressions, while others might only reach a handful of people. Here’s how to navigate the hashtag landscape:

  • Trending Hashtags: These are the trending topics everyone is talking about. While they offer high visibility, the competition can be intense.

  • General Cricket Hashtags: These tags cover a wide range of cricket-related topics from around the world. Examples include #cricket, #cricketlovers, and #icc.

  • Indian Cricket Team Specific Hashtags: These are specifically tailored for the Indian team, attracting a dedicated audience. Examples include #teamindia, #bleedblue, and #menininblue.

  • Player-Specific Hashtags: Dedicated to individual players, these hashtags allow you to show your admiration for specific stars. Examples include #viratkohli, #rohitsharma, and #jaspritbumrah.

  • Match-Specific Hashtags: These hashtags are perfect for a particular match or series. They offer a targeted audience of fans following that specific event. Look for official hashtags created by the BCCI or tournament organizers.

Top Indian Cricket Team Hashtags for Undying Support

  • #BleedBlue: This popular hashtag represents strong support for the Indian cricket team. Use it to show your team spirit and pride in your country.

  • #TeamIndia: This straightforward hashtag is essential. It instantly connects you with a large network of Indian cricket fans.

  • #MenInBlue: Another classic hashtag referencing the Indian cricket team’s jersey color.

  • #CricketIndia: This hashtag caters to both Indian and worldwide cricket enthusiasts.

  • #BharatCricketArmy: This hashtag signifies the strength and unity of the Indian cricket fanbase.

Hashtags to Celebrate Star Players

  • #ViratKohli: Virat Kohli‘s immense popularity demands his own hashtag. Use it to express your admiration for his batting skills.

  • #RohitSharma: Celebrate the “Hitman” with this hashtag whenever Rohit Sharma smashes boundaries.

  • #JaspritBumrah: The pace sensation deserves his own hashtag. Use #JaspritBumrah to praise his excellent bowling.

  • #KL Rahul: The young cricketer KL Rahul deserves recognition. Use this hashtag to appreciate his excellent cricket skills.

  • #HardikPandya: The all-rounder’s impressive talent deserves attention. Show your appreciation for Hardik Pandya with this hashtag.

Match-Specific Hashtags

  • #INDvPAK: This hashtag is great for the intense India vs Pakistan matches.

  • #CWC23Final: Use this hashtag during the Cricket World Cup final to join the global conversation.

  • #INDvsAUS: Whenever India battles Australia, this hashtag is your go-to.

  • #SeriesDecider: Use this hashtag for the thrilling final matches to capture the tension.

Hashtags for Fun and Engagement

  • #CricketLife: Express your passion for the sport with this lighthearted hashtag.

  • #WicketCelebration: Did India take a crucial wicket? Celebrate with this fun hashtag.

  • #Dream11Prediction: If you’re into fantasy cricket, use this hashtag to share your predictions.

  • #MemeResponsibles: Cricket fans love making funny memes. Use this hashtag for your witty memes.

  • #AskTheExperts: Have a burning cricket question? Use this hashtag to spark a conversation with cricket gurus.

Hashtags for Specific Formats

#TestCricket: For the purists of the game, this hashtag is for those who love the longest form of cricket.

#WhistlePodu: This iconic Chennai Super Kings‘ slogan is perfect for high-scoring ODI matches.

#T20Fever: Use this hashtag to capture the exciting energy of T20 cricket.

#IPL2024: Show your support for your favorite IPL team with the specific season hashtag.

Elevate your Indian Cricket Team Hashtags

Create Your Own Hashtags

Create a catchy hashtag for special events or fan campaigns. Encourage others to use it to create a buzz and build a community around the event.

Utilize Emojis

Emojis can bring a bit of character and grab attention. Popular emojis for cricket include (cricket bat and ball), 🇮🇳 (Indian flag), (trophy), and (lion, a symbol of courage often associated with the Indian team).

Engage in Hashtag Conversations

Don’t just post content. Actively participate in ongoing hashtag conversations. Respond to comments, share interesting posts with relevant hashtags, and join discussions about the team and the sport.

Adapt Hashtags for Different Platforms

Some hashtags are universally applicable. However, certain platforms may have their own trends. For example, trending hashtags on TikTok might be more lighthearted and fun compared to those on Twitter.

Analyze and Refine

Use social media analytics tools to monitor how your hashtags are performing. See which ones generate the most engagement and adjust your strategy accordingly. Feel free to try different things and see what works best for your content.


The roar of the crowd may not be heard online. However, hashtags help your voice reach millions of fans. Use the right Indian cricket team hashtags to show your support for the Indian cricket team and join a passionate online community. So, grab your digital flags, unleash your creativity, and let the world know you #BleedBlue!

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