Brazil vs Tunisia U20 World Cup: 2023 Final Score

The 2023 FIFA Under-20 World Cup witnessed a big showdown in the knockout round. Brazil vs Tunisia U20 World Cup was a captivating display of youthful talent, tactical innovation, and unwavering determination. Brazil, who’s won the cup five times, faced off against Tunisia on May 31st, 2023. The stadium in Argentina was buzzing with excitement as both teams fought hard to move forward. This piece takes a close look at that match. It breaks down important moments, player performances, and strategic moves that helped Brazil win 4-1.

brazil vs tunisia u20 world cup

Pre-Match Buzz: Brazil vs Tunisia U20 World Cup

Brazil vs Tunisia U20 World Cup showcased a clear contrast in playing styles. Brazil entered the match as tournament favorites. In the group stage, they showed a strong attacking style. Gabriel Veron’s sharp shooting and Matheus Nascimento’s creative play in midfield led the way. Coach Ramon Menezes chose a flexible 4-3-3 setup, focusing on spreading out attacks and fast changes in possession. Tunisia, on the other hand, presented a more pragmatic approach in the Brazil vs Tunisia U20 World Cup match.

Coach Mehrez Ben Mohamed deployed a disciplined 4-4-2. He prioritized defensive solidity and hitting on the counter-attack. They made it to the knockout stages thanks to a strong defense and the speedy wing play of Omar Khalifa.

First Half: Early Onslaught and Defensive Grit

Brazil quickly showed their strength in the Brazil vs Tunisia U20 World Cup match. In the opening minutes, they continuously sent crosses into the Tunisian box. In the 10th minute, a clever dummy run from Veron created space for right-back Yan Couto. His pinpoint cross found the head of towering center-back Andrei. His powerful header cannoned off the crossbar, sending a warning shot to the North Africans. 

Tunisia, however, displayed remarkable defensive resilience. In midfield, Youssef Ayari’s energy disrupted Brazil’s flow, making them hurry their passes. Goalkeeper Mohamed Sedrine made some great saves. He stopped Veron’s close-range shot and tipped Matheus Nascimento’s curling free-kick over the bar. The tie was finally broken in the 32nd minute of the Brazil vs Tunisia U20 World Cup match. A smooth play between Gabriel Veron and Matheus Nascimento ended with a perfect through ball. It broke through the Tunisian defense. Young striker Arthur quickly emerged. He skillfully controlled the ball with his first touch and calmly slotted it past Sedrine. The Seleção fans erupted in celebration, their chants echoing around the stadium.

Second Half: Brazil Flexes Its Muscles

Tunisia emerged from the halftime break with renewed determination in the Brazil vs Tunisia U20 World Cup match. They pushed their defensive line higher. They attempted to win the ball back in midfield and launch counter-attacks. Omar Khalifa caused problems down the left flank with his blistering pace. However, his final deliveries lacked accuracy. However, Brazil weathered the early storm and began to dictate the tempo once again. 

Substitute midfielder Miguel brought new energy to the Brazilian midfield. His determined runs and smart passing unsettled Tunisia’s defense. In the 67th minute, Veron and Miguel executed a clever one-two. Miguel then fired a powerful shot from outside the box. It deflected off a Tunisian defender, looped over Sedrine, and scored. The scoreline read 2-0, and Brazil seemed firmly in control. 

Tunisia refused to surrender, and their persistence paid off in the 78th minute. A long ball from deep found Omar Khalifa unmarked on the left wing. He expertly cut inside, leaving his defender for dead. Then, he unleashed a low drive that beat the outstretched arm of Brazilian goalkeeper Gabriel Aires. The Tunisian fans erupted in a frenzy, briefly reigniting hope of a comeback. 

But Brazil had the final say. Just five minutes after Tunisia’s goal, Matheus Nascimento put the game to bed with a moment of individual brilliance. He got the ball near the edge of the box, dodged past two defenders with fancy footwork, and then shot a curling ball into the far corner. The Seleção faithful erupted once more, celebrating Nascimento’s solo effort. In the dying minutes of the game, substitute striker Marcos capitalized on a defensive lapse by Tunisia to score Brazil’s fourth goal. With the final whistle, the score remained 4-1, confirming Brazil’s passage to the next round.

Brazil vs Tunisia: U20 World Cup 2023 - Detailed Scoreboard

TeamGoals ScoredAssistsYellow CardsRed Cards
Gabriel Veron (Assist)-1--
Matheus Nascimento (Assist)-1--
Omar Khalifa1---
  • Match Date: May 31, 2023
  • Stadium: Estadio Ciudad de La Plata, Argentina
  • Competition: 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup – Knockout Stage

Key Players and Tactical Battles


Gabriel Veron

The winger was a constant threat with his pace and dribbling skills. He created numerous chances for his teammates and played a crucial role in both of Brazil’s first-half goals.

Matheus Nascimento

The creative midfielder controlled the tempo in the second half. He capped off a strong performance with a magnificent individual goal.

Coach Ramon Menezes

His decision to introduce Miguel in the second half proved instrumental. It added dynamism to the Brazilian midfield.


Omar Khalifa

Omar Khalifa’s performance on the left wing was a constant thorn in the side of the Brazilian defense. His blistering pace and ability to run at defenders created space and opportunities for Tunisia throughout the match.

Youssef Ayari

The energetic central midfielder was the anchor of the Tunisian midfield. He played a crucial role in disrupting Brazil’s rhythm in the first half. His non-stop pressing, interceptions, and smart tackling effectively closed down space and creativity for Matheus Nascimento and his teammates. In the second half, there was an intense battle between him and his Brazilian counterpart Miguel. Miguel’s arrival injected speed and disrupted Ayari’s hold over the midfield.

Mohamed Sedrine

The Tunisian goalkeeper deserves immense credit. He kept his team in the game during the first half. He made a series of excellent saves. Sedrine denied clear-cut chances for Gabriel Veron and Matheus Nascimento. His reflexes and anticipation kept the scoreline close until the second half. Brazil’s attacking pressure overwhelmed him.

Mehrez Ben Mohamed (Coach)

Coach Ben Mohamed’s tactical approach deserves praise. His choice to use a tight 4-4-2 formation focused on strong defense worked well in the first half. He told his full-backs to stay back and close down space for Veron and Yan Couto, Brazil’s attackers on the sides. But when Miguel came in during the second half, his tactics had trouble keeping up. Adjusting his strategy based on this change will be important for Ben Mohamed’s growth as a coach. Learning from it will also contribute to his development.

Tactical Battles: A Chess Match on the Pitch

The Brazil vs Tunisia U20 World Cup encounter wasn’t simply a battle of individual talent; it was a tactical chess match between the two coaches. Here’s a deeper look at some key tactical battles: 

High Pressing vs. Compact Defense

Brazil, under Coach Menezes, employed a high-pressing strategy in the first half, attempting to win the ball back high up the pitch and launch quick attacks. Tunisia countered this with a compact 4-4-2, staying disciplined in their shape and making it difficult for Brazil to break through the lines. 

Width vs. Central Control

Brazil relied heavily on their attacking width, with Veron and Yan Couto posing threats down the flanks. Tunisia countered this by instructing their full-backs to stay narrow and squeeze the space in the wide areas. However, this also left space in the center of the park, which Brazil exploited effectively in the second half.

Changing the Pace

Coach Menezes’ decision to introduce Miguel in the second half proved to be a masterstroke. Miguel’s lively play and dribbling skills disturbed the flow of the Tunisian midfield. This change in pace eventually overpowered Tunisia’s defensive plan, giving Matheus Nascimento and Gabriel Veron more room to work.

Conclusion: A Learning Experience for Tunisia

The Brazil vs Tunisia U20 World Cup match provided valuable lessons for both sides. The tactical struggles between Brazil and Tunisia on the field showed how important it is to adapt and be aware of strategies. Tunisia’s plan worked well at first, but they couldn’t adjust to Brazil’s tactics in the second half, which caused their defeat. 

Looking closely at these battles and learning from them will be important for the players and coach Ben Mohamed as they aim for success in future international matches.

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