CCL Scorecard 2022: SCK vs CCL T10 Match 7

Attention cricket fans! Get ready for the exciting Dream11 Trinidad T10 Blast 2022! The anticipated SCK vs CCL T10 Match 7 is here, and it’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seatWe will provide you with all the live score updates and a detailed CCL Scorecard 2022 for this match, so you won’t miss a moment of the action.

CCL Scorecard 2022

About the Dream11 Trinidad T10 Blast 2022

The Dream11 Trinidad T10 Blast 2022 is a lively cricket tournament filled with fast-paced T10 matches. Each game, spanning just 10 overs per team, gives a quick taste of cricket, packed with powerful batting and exciting bowling moments. It’s a big stage for top players to shine under pressure and flaunt their skills.

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SCK vs CCL Scorecard 2022: A Closer Look

The much-awaited SCK vs CCL T10 Match 7 promises to be a close contest. Both teams boast talented players who can turn the tide of the match in a single over. Here’s a breakdown of some key aspects:

BatsmanRunsBalls4s6sStrike RateDismissal
Teshawn Castro14621233.33c Dejourn Charles b Anderson Mahase
Steven Katwaroo161211133.33c Franklyn Rouse b Dejourn Charles
Jyd Goolie201302153.84c Hakeem Mitchell b Anderson Mahase
Isaiah Rajah191111172.72run out (Anderson Mahase / Jeremiah Cruickshank)
Navin Stewart16702228.57c Dexter Sween b Jon-Russ Jaggesar
Rayad Emrit19812237.50Not out
Iqwe Craig0000-Not Out
  • Extras: 6 (b: 3, lb: 0, nb: 0, wd: 3)
  • Total: 110/5 (Overs: 9.3, RR: 11.58)
  • Did not bat: Shaaron Lewis, Daniel Osouna, Kerwyn Sirju, Ansil Bhagan
Jon-Russ Jaggesar2025112.50
Anderson Mahase2027213.50
Navin Bidaisee2022011.00
Dejourn Charles201015.00
Franklyn Rouse1.3023015.33

Fall of Wickets

  • 29/1 in 1.5 overs (Teshawn Castro)
  • 37/2 in 3.5 overs (Steven Katwaroo)
  • 55/3 in 5.2 overs (Jyd Goolie)
  • 75/4 in 6.6 overs (Navin Stewart)
  • 97/5 in 8.6 overs (Isaiah Rajah)


  • SCK: Details about the SCK team, including player names, strengths, and recent form, would be beneficial to understand their potential strategies. 
  • CCL: Similar information about the CCL team, highlighting their key players and recent performances, would provide context for their approach in the match.


The venue where the match will be played can influence the style of play. Mentioning the pitch conditions, whether it favors batsmen or bowlers, would add another layer of analysis.


Weather conditions on the day of the match can significantly impact the game. Highlighting the expected weather forecast for the match would enhance the overall understanding.

Live Score Updates for SCK vs CCL T10 Match 7

For those who can’t catch the live action, this section will provide real-time score updates throughout the match. 


A detailed scorecard will be displayed, including the current score, run rate, wickets lost, and individual player scores for both teams. Live updates will be provided to keep you informed about every boundary, wicket, and change in momentum.


Consider incorporating brief commentary snippets to offer insights into the match’s progress. This could include details like crucial catches, exceptional bowling spells, or strategic decisions by the captains. Here’s a breakdown of the information you can expect in the live score updates section: 

  • Innings: Clearly indicate which team is currently batting or bowling. 
  • Overs: Display the current over the number to provide context for the score and run rate.
  •  Score: Show the current score of the batting team along with the number of wickets lost.
  •  Run Rate: Highlight the current run rate of the batting team to understand their aggressive or conservative approach. 
  • Batsman: Present the names of the current batsmen and their individual scores. 
  • Bowler: Mention the name of the bowler currently bowling and their figures (wickets taken, runs conceded). 
  • Partnership: If a significant partnership is developing, showcase the names of the batsmen involved and their partnership score. Fall of Wickets: Detail the fall of wickets, including the batsman’s name, score, and bowler who dismissed them.

CCL Scorecard 2022: A Detailed Breakdown

Team Batting First

Indicate which team won the toss and elected to bat first. This information sets the tone for the match, as the team batting first sets a target for the opposition to chase.

Batting Scorecard

 Indicate which team won the toss and elected to bat first. This information sets the tone for the match, as the team batting first sets a target for the opposition to chase.

Team Name

Clearly display the name of the team that batted first.

Total Score

Show the final score achieved by the batting team after 10 overs.

Overs Played

Mention the total number of overs played by the batting team.

Wickets Lost

Indicate the number of wickets lost by the batting team.

Bowling Scorecard

Bowler Name

List the names of all the bowlers who bowled for the fielding team.

Overs Bowled

Mention the number of overs bowled by each bowler.


Indicate the number of maiden overs bowled by each bowler (overs where they conceded no runs).

Runs Conceded

Show the total number of runs conceded by each bowler.

Wickets Taken

Highlight the number of wickets taken by each bowler.

Economy Rate

Calculate and display the economy rate of each bowler (runs conceded per over). This provides insights into how economical each bowler was in restricting runs.

Fall of Wickets

Over Number

Mention the over number in which each wicket fell.

Batsman Name

Indicate the name of the batsman who was dismissed. Batsman Score: Show the score of the batsman at the time of dismissal. 

Bowler Name

Highlight the name of the bowler who took the wicket.


The SCK vs CCL T10 match was really exciting, with SCK coming out as the clear winner. The CCL scorecard 2022 for this game highlights SCK’s strong batting performance and their bowlers’ ability to defend the big total. It was a match that truly captured the essence and thrill of the Dream 11 Trinidad T10 Blast 2022. 

Don’t miss out on any action! Stay tuned for live scores and detailed CCL scorecards for all matches in the Dream 11 Trinidad T10 Blast 2022. Experience all the cricket excitement like never before!

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