Klapp Cricket Kit: Search and Shop the Ultimate Cricket Set Online

Cricket is a bat-and-ball game that ignites passion in players of all ages and skill levels. In such a sport, choosing the right equipment is important for every player. For those wanting to excel in cricket, a good cricket kit is essential for their success. Among the brands in India, Klapp cricket kit is a standout for its affordable, diverse, and durable cricket kits. Explore Klapp cricket kits, so you can find the perfect set to improve your game and excel on the field.

klapp cricket kit

Why Choose a Klapp Cricket Kit?

Klapp serves all types of cricket fans, from beginners to experienced players. Their kits have several key advantages:

  • Affordability: One major benefit of Klapp cricket kit is that they are affordable. This makes them perfect for new players or casual players who don’t want to spend a lot on gear.

  • Comprehensiveness: Klapp provides different cricket sets. They include all the necessary gear to begin playing, such as bats, pads, gloves, balls, stumps, and sometimes even a kit bag. This means you don’t have to buy each item separately, which saves you time and money.

  • Lightweight: Lots of Klapp kits are made with lightweight materials, so they’re easy to carry. Young players will find this especially helpful.

  • Wide Variety: Klapp has a wide range of cricket kits, from junior sets for children to senior kits for adults. This allows you to choose a set that matches your age, skill level, and playing style.

Klapp Cricket Kit Options

Klapp has many cricket kits to meet different needs. Here are some popular options:

  • Junior Kits: Designed for young players (aged 5-12), these kits typically include a lightweight bat made from Kashmir willow or other light materials. They come with protective pads, gloves, a plastic or wooden ball, and PVC stumps. Prices typically range from ₹500 to ₹2000.

  • Senior Kits: Geared towards adult players, these kits offer a more durable build. They usually have bats made of high-quality English or Kashmir willow. Klapp cricket kit also comes with better padded gloves and pads for enhanced protection. Prices vary depending on the quality and materials used, typically ranging from ₹2000 to ₹5000.

  • Professional Kits: For those really into cricket, Klapp has top-notch kits. They include the best English willow bats, strong foam padding for safety, and high-quality gloves. These kits can be quite expensive, starting at ₹5000.

Online Shops in India to Purchase a Klapp Cricket Kit


1. Klapp Champion Cricket Kit

This cricket kit is designed for men and includes everything you need, packed in a complete kit bag. It comes in different sizes for various age groups. The batting gloves feature a palm composed of cotton and PVC. They come with premium PVC finger rolls and dual-density foam finger rolls for added protection. The package includes a Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat, a pair of pads, a pair of batting gloves, a cricket helmet, a thigh pad, an arm guard, an abdominal guard, and a kit bag. Originally priced at ₹5,999, it is currently available for ₹3,299.

2. Klapp Stainless Steel Cricket Kit

This all-age complete cricket kit bag includes all necessary gear and comes in various sizes. The kit features cotton and PVC batting gloves with premium finger rolls for added protection. It includes a cricket bat with cover, leg guards, batting gloves, a kit bag, thigh guard, arm guard, abdominal guard, helmet, inner gloves, leather ball, grips, cone, and wicket stumps (SIZE-4 JUNIOR). Originally ₹6,499, it’s now available for ₹3,099.


1. Klapp Champion Cricket Kit

This multicolored Champion Cricket Kit, designed for men, is ideal for cricket. The set includes 1 Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat, 1 Pair of Pads, 1 Pair of Batting Gloves, 1 Cricket Helmet, 1 Thigh Pad, 1 Arm Guard, 1 Abdominal Guard, and 1 Kit Bag. Its dimensions are 16 cm in width, 70 cm in height, and 70 cm in depth. Originally priced at ₹4,999, it is currently available for ₹3,199.


1. Klapp Test Series 2 Kashmir Willow Cricket Kit

This advanced-level cricket kit for men (Size 7) from India includes a PVC cricket bat with cover, leg guard, batting gloves, kit bag, thigh guard, arm guard, abdominal guard, helmet, two bat grips, one cone, batting inner gloves, leather ball, and plastic kit. It has dimensions of 2 cm (height) x 63 cm (length) x 13 cm (width) and weighs 400 g. It is multicolored and not made of hazardous materials.


1. Klapp 12 Pieces Cricket kit ( SIZE-5) with Klapp Brand Stumps Set

This all-age complete cricket kit bag has all the gear you need and comes in various sizes. The kit features cotton and PVC batting gloves with premium finger rolls for added protection. It includes a size-5 cricket bat with cover, leg guards, batting gloves, kit bag, thigh guard, arm guard, abdominal guard, helmet, inner gloves, leather ball, grips, cone, and three wicket stumps. Dimensions: Length=65 CM, Breadth=10CM, Height=3 CM. Price: Rs 4,300.


1. Klapp Smart Addition Popular Willow Cricket Kit

This Klapp cricket backpack is made of polypropylene and is ideal for juniors. It’s a size M backpack with a volume of 50cm³. The cricket bat included is size 3, made of wood, and features a popular handle and popular willow blade with cover and facing fish tape. The sales package includes 1 cricket bat with cover, one ball, three stumps, one stump base, and two bails. It is suitable for adults and boys. The backpack is multi-colored and is priced at ₹872, originating from India.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Klapp Cricket Kit

  • Skill Level: If you’re just starting out, a simple Klapp kit will do. You can start with a light bat, wicket keeping gloves, and some stumps. As you get better, you can get a kit with a better bat and more protective gear.

  • Age: Klapp kits are available in different sizes for different ages. Make sure to pick one with the right bat size and equipment weight so you can play comfortably and safely.

  • Playing Surface: If you mostly play on matting wickets, a lighter bat with a softer willow is a good choice. But if you play on harder surfaces like concrete, a heavier bat with a harder willow is better.

  • Budget: Klapp kits are usually cheap. However, the price can change based on how many things are in the kit and the quality of the equipment.

Additional Tips

  • Read Online Reviews: Reviews from other users can provide valuable insights into the quality and performance of specific Klapp cricket kits.

  • Check Specifications: Pay close attention to the materials used for the bat, pads, and gloves. Higher-grade materials generally offer better performance and durability.

  • Consider Brand Reputation: Even though Klapp is a good deal, check what other people say about it. Know how well-known the brand is to feel even more confident about your purchase.

  • Consider Additional Accessories: If you play cricket a lot, think about getting extra things. You may want to consider additional accessories like a helmet, thigh pad, and arm guard to keep yourself safer.

Final Thoughts

By using a good Klapp cricket kit and practicing regularly, you can improve your cricket skills and enjoy the game more. Remember, getting better at cricket takes passion, hard work, and a willingness to learn. With the right gear, dedication, and effort, you can improve your game and take your cricket journey to new heights. So, get your Klapp kit, go to the field, and unleash your inner cricketer!

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