What is Mohammed Siraj IPL 2024 Price and Net Worth?

Mohammed Siraj, the fiery fast bowler from Hyderabad, is now a well-known name in Indian cricket. His speed, excellent swing, and unyielding dedication have pushed him to the top of the cricket world. In the lively world of the Indian Premier League (IPL), Siraj has made a unique place for himself. Not only does he impress with his performances, but Mohammed Siraj IPL 2024 price tag and his increasing wealth also grab attention.

mohammed siraj ipl 2024 price

Mohammed Siraj IPL 2024 Price and Net Worth

Mohammed Siraj IPL 2024 price is an impressive ₹7 crores. This substantial amount shows how much he’s worth as a strong fast bowler. It also reflects his ongoing efforts for the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) team. It’s worth noting that RCB kept Siraj for the 2023 season at this exact price. 

This shows they believe in what he brings to the table. Siraj’s net worth, on the other hand, is estimated to be a staggering ₹55 crores (approximately $7 million) as of 2024. It’s important to mention that RCB retained Siraj for the 2023 season at the same price.

Mohammed Siraj IPL Auction Price History

Price Team
2018 2.60 Cr Bangalore
2019 2.60 Cr Bangalore
2020 2.60 Cr Bangalore
2021 2.60 Cr Bangalore
2022 7.00 Cr Bangalore
2023 7.00 Cr Bangalore
2024 7.00 Cr Bangalore

Breakdown of Siraj’s Networth

IPL Salary

As mentioned earlier, Siraj’s IPL salary of ₹7 crores is a significant source of income. Over the years, his cumulative IPL earnings, including his Mohammed Siraj IPL 2024 price, have played a vital role in building his net worth. 

BCCI Contract

Siraj’s central contract with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is another major contributor. The BCCI categorizes players based on their performance. Each category receives a specific annual retainer fee. As of February 2024, Siraj was promoted to Grade A. This earned him an estimated ₹5 crores annually.

Match Fees

Siraj earns match fees for his participation in international matches for India. These fees vary depending on the format (Test, ODI, or T20) and the series itself. 


Siraj’s rising popularity has attracted the attention of several brands. Endorsement deals with these brands contribute significantly to his overall net worth.

The Journey to a High IPL Price Tag: Siraj’s Rise in the IPL

Siraj’s story in the IPL is one of remarkable progress. Let’s take a closer look at his journey, focusing on how his price has increased

Early Days (2017)

Siraj’s IPL career began in 2017 when he was picked up by the Sunrisers Hyderabad for ₹2.6 crore. Although he didn’t play many matches initially, he gained valuable experience. This was alongside seasoned pacers.

Breakthrough with RCB (2018-Present)

In the 2018 IPL auction, the Royal Challengers Bangalore secured Siraj’s services for a sum of ₹2.2 crore. This marked a turning point in his IPL career. Siraj did really well with RCB’s guidance. He polished his skills and became an important member of their bowling team.

Consistent Performances and Price Hike

Siraj’s dedication and consistent performances for RCB resulted in a gradual increase in his IPL price. In subsequent auctions, his value grew steadily, solidifying his position as a valuable asset. 

The Impact of Siraj’s High Mohammed Siraj IPL 2024 Price

While the high Mohammed Siraj IPL 2024 price of ₹7 crores signifies his value in the IPL, his impact extends far beyond mere monetary figures. Here’s how his presence influences the game:

Boost for Pace Bowling

Siraj’s success story is an inspiration for aspiring young pacers in India. His hefty Mohammed Siraj IPL 2024 price tag sends a message that raw pace and dedication are valued commodities in the IPL. This can encourage more youngsters to take up fast bowling, potentially strengthening India’s pace attack in the future. 

Strategic Advantage for RCB

Having a potent pacer like Siraj retained for a set Mohammed Siraj IPL 2024 price provides strategic advantages for RCB. They can build their bowling attack around him, knowing his strengths and weaknesses. This continuity fosters better team understanding and allows for more effective planning.

Pressure and Performance

A high Mohammed Siraj IPL 2024 price tag can come with its own set of pressures. Siraj understands the expectations that come with his hefty IPL salary. This pressure can motivate him to perform consistently and deliver match-winning spells for RCB, justifying his price tag. However, it’s important to acknowledge that a high price tag doesn’t guarantee consistent success. Injuries, loss of form, or a change in team dynamics can all affect a player’s performance.

Looking Ahead: The Road for Siraj

Siraj’s cricketing journey is still young, and his future holds immense promise. Here’s a peek into what the future might have in store for him: 

  • Cementing his Place in Team India: Siraj has already established himself as a vital cog in India’s pace attack across formats. With his impressive record of 93 wickets in 93 IPL matches at an average of 30.35, he has proven his ability to perform under pressure. He has the potential to become a leader in the bowling unit, spearheading India’s bowling attack in major tournaments like the World Cup. 
  • Earning Higher BCCI Contracts: With consistent performances, both in the IPL and for India, Siraj can climb the ranks in the BCCI’s contract system, leading to even higher annual retainers. This will further add to his overall net worth.

Conclusion: A Well-Deserved Reward and a Promising Future

Mohammed Siraj IPL 2024 price of ₹7 crores and his growing net worth of ₹55 crores are just rewards for his talent, effort, and dedication. His story motivates aspiring cricketers, showing that steadfast commitment can lead to success. 

Looking forward, Siraj’s goal is not only to sustain his high IPL 2024 price but also to make meaningful contributions to Indian cricket, cementing his legacy as a bowling legend.

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