Raipur Cricket Stadium ODI Records: Team and Individual Stats

The Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Stadium, also called the Raipur Cricket Stadium, is a new venue in Indian cricket. It opened in 2008 and held its first ODI match in January 2023. Despite its short history, the stadium has seen some exciting games and holds unique records.

raipur cricket stadium odi records

A Brief History of Raipur Cricket Stadium ODIs

After waiting for more than 14 years, the Raipur stadium finally hosted its first ODI on January 21st, 2023. India faced New Zealand in the second game of a three-match series, with Rohit Sharma leading the Indian team to an easy 8-wicket victory.

This remains the only ODI played at the venue. Although the stadium hasn’t seen many ODIs yet, the first match provided useful insights into its playing conditions. The pitch seemed fair to both batsmen and bowlers. India chased down New Zealand’s modest score of 109 runs in just 16.1 overs. This indicates the potential for high-scoring games in future Raipur Cricket Stadium ODI Records.

Team Records at Raipur Cricket Stadium

With only one ODI played at the venue, there’s a limited pool of data for team records. Here’s a breakdown of the available statistics for Raipur Cricket Stadium ODI Records: 

  • Matches Played: 1 India Wins: 1 (100% win record) 
  • Highest Team Total: 111/2 by India (2023 vs New Zealand) 
  • Lowest Team Total: 108 by New Zealand (2023 vs India) 

With only a few matches played, it’s hard to draw solid conclusions about team performances at Raipur. But considering the high scores in the first game, teams batting first might have a slight edge, especially if they can post a good total. 

Individual Records

Similar to team records, individual statistics at Raipur are limited due to the single ODI played. Here’s a look at the top performers, etching their names into the early Raipur Cricket Stadium ODI Records: 

  • Highest Individual Score: 51 by Shubman Gill (India, 2023 vs New Zealand) 
  • Best Bowling Figures: 3/18 by Mohammed Shami (India, 2023 vs New Zealand) 
  • Most Runs in a Series (by a player): 51 by Shubman Gill (India, 2-match series, 2023) 
  • Most Wickets in a Series (by a bowler): 3 by Mohammed Shami (India, 2-match series, 2023) 

Shubman Gill’s half-century is the highest individual score in the current Raipur Cricket Stadium ODI Records. However, it’s worth noting that it was against a specific bowling attack. The real potential for big scores and record-breaking batting will be seen in future matches.

Mohammed Shami took three wickets in the first ODI, making him the top wicket-taker at Raipur so far. However, with just one match played, it’s too early to say if the pitch will favor spinners or pacers in the long term. 

Other Notable Records

  • First ODI Match: India vs New Zealand (January 21st, 2023) 
  • 1st Ball Bowled: Tim Southee (New Zealand)
  • First Wicket Taker: Mohammed Shami (India)
  • First Century: Yet to be scored

Analyzing Pitch Characteristics and Potential Player Dominance in Raipur Cricket Stadium ODI Records

Balanced Pitch

The first match’s high-scoring nature (India scoring 111 runs in 16.1 overs) suggests a pitch where both batting and bowling are evenly matched. Batsmen could hit freely without much swing or seam movement.

Spin vs. Pace

Mohammed Shami’s success with pace bowling hints that fast bowlers might find some help, especially with the new ball. However, without enough spin bowling data, it’s hard to judge its favorability for spinners. 

Favorable for Chasing?

With limited matches played, it’s tough to determine a clear trend. Yet, chasing seemed comfortable in the first ODI, with India reaching the target quickly. This might be due to evening dew or the pitch becoming easier for batting as the innings progresses. These are just initial observations. 

We’ll learn more about the Raipur pitch as more matches are played in different weather conditions and against teams with varying strengths. Looking at these factors will also help us understand which players dominate the Raipur Cricket Stadium ODI Records.

Batsmen Paradise?

If the pitch keeps favoring batting and doesn’t help bowlers much, aggressive batsmen might excel in Raipur. Openers who can handle the early swing and then score big could dominate future Raipur Cricket Stadium ODI Records.

Spinners vs. Pacers?

Without more data from upcoming Raipur Cricket Stadium ODI Records, it’s hard to say if spinners or pacers will do better. If the pitch grips later on, spin bowlers with control and variation could be key. 

But if it stays flat, fast bowlers with swing and pace might have the advantage. These are just potential scenarios, and the actual dominance will depend on the individual skill and adaptability of the players. Analyzing past performances on similar pitches and their ability to adjust to different conditions will be crucial in predicting their success at Raipur.

Impact of Raipur Cricket Stadium on Indian Cricket and Fan Engagement

The Raipur Cricket Stadium becoming an ODI venue could benefit Indian cricket in many ways, which might show up in future Raipur Cricket Stadium ODI Records.

1. Spreading the Game

Having international matches in various areas of the country boosts cricket’s popularity. It motivates young talent there. Making Raipur a regular ODI venue can stir up excitement. It can inspire more people to play the sport, possibly grooming future stars who will make their mark in the Raipur Cricket Stadium ODI Records.

2. Developing Infrastructure

Hosting international matches often prompts infrastructure improvements in the nearby areas. This might involve better transportation, hotels, and other facilities, which benefit the local community. These upgrades could also enhance training facilities for young cricketers.

3. Fan Engagement

Cricket fans in Raipur and nearby areas can now experience the thrill of watching international ODI matches live. This can create a more connected and passionate fan base, further bolstering the sport’s popularity in the region. 

The passionate crowd can create a unique atmosphere for players. This might inspire record-breaking performances and add to the Raipur Cricket Stadium ODI Records. The Raipur Cricket Stadium could become a favorite spot for Indian cricket fans. Its special vibe, along with the enthusiasm of the local crowd, can make it a memorable experience for both players and spectators. 

As more games take place there, its Raipur Cricket Stadium ODI Records will expand, showing the changes and successes seen at this thrilling new venue.


The Raipur Cricket Stadium is relatively new to ODI cricket. As more international games are held here, we’ll learn more about its unique qualities and playing conditions. This will shape its role in cricket and impact the growing Raipur Cricket Stadium ODI Records. The future of Raipur Cricket Stadium looks promising. It promises exciting matches, memorable performances, and a growing legacy in ODI cricket.

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